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KB: 1031
Last updated: 2016-07-06

Cannot locate the specified file(s) or folder(s): \\unc-path or local path


You have your CloudBerry Lab for Server (or any other edition) installed and configured first backup plan. You did include all your system volume and few network shares. When you execute your plan, but it fails with the following message: “Cannot locate the specified file(s) or folder(s): \\unc-path or local path”


By default your CloudBerry service is run on behalf of Local system account that sometimes does not have enough permissions to access certain files and folders in your structure (i.e. networks shares, others owners folders and files). To change the service account you can do either in services (services.msc) or in the CloudBerry GUI.

Go to Tools → Change Service Account:

Change Service Account for CloudBerry Lab Backup for Windows

Set your user accordingly (make sure it has required rights to your data source):

Set Service Account for CloudBerry Lab for Backup fow Windows

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