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Last updated: 2016-06-28

What is the proper way to submit support case with CloudBerry Lab?

CloudBerry Lab tools are very reliable and mature, but in some cases you may meet small issues, where CloudBerry support involvement is required. In order to help you quickly deliver logs and further debug information, all products contain diagnostic section, which is designed for

  • Collect a product logs;
  • Send to support.

All Diagnostic information is available under Tools → Diagnostic.

CloudBerry Lab Support tools

In some cases Solutions Architect team and/or Support team may require more detailed journaling. All CloudBerry tools can be set to High level of logging. Product logs can be set to No log, Low level (default) or High level (troubleshooting). We recommend to have logs set to Low level when operating normally, otherwise log files grow fast what may end up with insufficient space in your C: (or other, depends on Log to folder path) or root path (if you are Linux or Mac).

CloudBerry Lab - set level of logging

In certain cases you may want to check logs your-self. You can find all logs by default C:\ProgramData\CloudBerry Lab\Logs. You can change this path in Tools → Options → Logging → Log to folder.

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