How to Recover CloudBerry Backup


The computer has completely broken down. All of the data, including CloudBerry Backup, is irreversibly gone. Thankfully, CloudBerry Backup automatically backs up its configuration to the cloud. In other words, when you replace or mend your machine, it is pretty easy to restore all of the backup plans and other data that was wiped out.


Ensure that your have enabled backup of the backup plan configuration (that includes all of the CloudBerry Backup data). It is enabled by default and if you deliberately disabled it when configuring the plan — your CloudBerry Backup data is permanently gone. Next time do not disable it.

Alright, now let's finally get to the recovery process. First, manually add the cloud storage account that contains the backup data. When adding it, ensure that the backup prefix matches that of the old machine. Otherwise, CloudBerry Backup won't be able to "see" the backups made on the old computer.

Then head over to the Backup Storage tab. Expand the backup storage that contains the backup data in the left side-bar (in our case it's S3 (Paris)).

You need to restore each backup plan individually. Restoring one plan includes the restoration of the app's data (settings, storage accounts, etc.). Right-click on the backup plan's name and click Restore. Now you can:

  • Restore selected backup plan only (without the app's data);

  • Restore selected backup plan.

Click Restore.

If the backup plan was configured with encryption enabled, you will be prompted to specify the encryption password. If you've forgotten, the data can be considered gone, as we don't store any data. Click OK.

That's it! Everything should be restored now.

Go ahead and check if the backup plans are back where they belong.