Client-side deduplication instead of server-side deduplication (Dedup Server)

We do not give up on deduplication but changing our strategy to offer you a more effective backup. There are several reasons we are shifting from one approach to another:

We've done a research and it turned out that most of our customers manage customers having multiple sites. And this is what we've come across:

  1. When using the Dedup server, a separate server has to be provisioned, be up and running 24/7.
  2. Computers have to send FULLs to Dedup server for better deduplication.
  3. Most of the computers start a backup routine at the same time and Dedup server has to have a sufficient local storage capacity storing all FULLs from all machines.
  4. The Dedup server requires an SSL certificate to be manually configured on it to secure data transfers.
  5. The Dedup server is a potential single point of failure.
  6. Having in mind costs of having a powerful publicly-available server up and running 24/7 (#1) with large local storage capacity (#2) leads to extra spendings that sometimes are higher than storage savings from using the Dedup server.

The Dedup Server is deprecated long live Client-side deduplication

Instead, we have polished the engine and now preparing Client-side deduplication built into backup agents that will be released this summer as a part of the new data backup format that will be a part of GFS (coming out later this year).

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