<h1 id="unexpectedbackuporrestoreplanterminationduetoinsufficientsystemresources">Unexpected backup or restore plan termination due to insufficient system resources</h1> <h2 id="problem">Problem</h2> <p>The backup plan may fail due to an error: "Insufficient system resources".</p> <h2 id="suggestionsandresolutions">Suggestions and Resolutions</h2> <p>The most typical reason behind that error is the excessive number of used threads. To reduce the number of threads do the following: click Settings. Under Applications, click Advanced Settings, and then reduce the number in the Max thread count text field.</p> <p><img src="/content/images/6298d6df-859f-4b19-9a3c-8de3727dcec1.png" alt="" /></p> <p>You can also change number of threads using the command line interface. Execute the following commands in the terminal:</p> <pre><code>cd /Applications/CloudBerry\ Backup.app/Contents/MacOS ./cbb option -set tc -v 3 </code></pre> <div class="hint hint-info"><i class="el-icon-info"></i> <p>where 3 is the number of threads </p></div>